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♦ Computer Lab.

The College provides a well equipped Computer Lab. With internet and other modern facilities to serve all the future teachers for better awareness of ICT, theory and practical classes are taken up by making small groups to give individual attention. The lab is equipped with computers, projectors, projection screen, scanner, printer, overhead projectors, sound system and TV audio tape etc.
Teacher Incharge: Prof. Manisha

♦ Curriculum Lab.

The curriculum lab is a centre for instructional material in teacher education. The college has a curriculum lab where students and teachers are exposed to multi-assortments of instructional or educational materials for experimentation, evaluation and for the enrichment of teaching learning. Sample copies of all secondary textbooks are available for evaluation by teachers and student teachers.
Lab Incharge: Prof. Harpal Kaur

♦ Psychological Lab

The college has a psychological laboratory to train student-teachers in various psychological assessment techniques and acquaint them with the concept of standardized tests. The laboratory is equipped with the different psychological tests. Following tests and apparatus are available in the lab
Teacher Incharge: Prof. Navneet Kaur

♦ Language Lab

The College has a language lab which is a dedicated space for foreign language learning where students access audio or audio-visual materials. They allow a teacher to listen to and manage student audio, which is delivered to individual students through headsets or in isolated 'sound booths'. Each student station generally includes a student tape recorder, headset and a microphone.
Teacher Incharge: Prof. Harpal Kaur
Prof. Inderjeet Kaur
Prof. Navreet Kaur

♦ Science Lab:

The College has a well equipped science room. The science lab serves as a hands-on laboratory where inquisitive minds can explore the various domains and dimensions of scientific world to observe, experiment and analyze through discovery based teaching and learning. The lab has large collection of scientific apparatus, equipments, chemicals and educational aids to develop scientific temper and critical thinking in students. Apparatus are issued to the students for their demonstration lessons and skills in teaching examination.
Teacher Incharge: Prof. Barinder Kaur

♦ Library

The college has an excellent library housed in a commodious hall. The library is equipped with a large number of books on Education in particular and on general subjects like General Knowledge, UGC and fiction etc. The library has a very rich collection of rare books, Reference Books and Encyclopedias on educational research.
Library Incharge: Ms. Rosy Arora