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Student Welfare Cell

We believe that the purpose of education is to secure the welfare of the students. Students’ Welfare Cell ardently works for the overall benefit and welfare of the student community of our college. It works in association with the students and the faculty to ensure the various welfare aspects of the students. We extend our full support and guidance in both academic and non-academic matters. The cell coordinates orientation programmes for new students and helps them to adapt to the college environment. New students are briefed matters pertaining to their programmes/courses, fees and the rules and regulations of the college. They are also advised on personal safety and security matters. We also work consistently on time management, stress management, regularity and related issues to ensure qualitative and quantitative success of the students. With a holistic approach, the college ascertains a mentorship programme to establish a healthy teacher-student relationship. The mentors identify and assist students with learning difficulties and counsel them in matters of personal problems.

Cell Members

Prof. Inderpreet Kaur, Coordinator       8699766799

Dr. Manjeet Singh