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About Founder Members

Dr. Raghubir Parkash (1906 - 1997) Founder President

Rare are the persons, who live a true life. Dr. Raghubir Parkash, a multifaceted personality, a physician, an educationist, a freedom fighter and a politician was born in a small village Chunagran near Patran in 1906. He was the first qualified doctor in this region who pursued M.B.B.S. from Medical College, Lahore and chose the region of Barnala to serve people with his medical services.

He established Sanatan Dharam Sabha and with an aim to literate the populace of this region, he started S.D. School in the city of Barnala. However, his untiring efforts did not cease here until in 1956 he laid the foundation of S.D College, Barnala and fostered it at the nascent stage as the Founder President. Consequently, this prestigious institution earned a distinctive place in the educational field.
Moreover, he vigorously participated in the freedom struggle of India. In 1931, when S. Bhagat Singh, Raj Guru & Sukhdev were hanged to death by the British Government, he participated in the protest march due to which he was lathi-charged and was sent to jail for two months. In 1952, he became the first M.L.A of Barnala constituency and contributed a great deal towards the development of Barnala. He remained a devoted member of Congress party throughout his life.
A true freedom fighter, a social worker and a man constantly aware of his duties towards his self as well as towards humanity and beloved of every heart left for his heavenly abode on 26th November 1997, leaving indelible imprints on the minds of the people.


Pandit Anand Sarup (1917 - 1987) Founder Member

Pandit Anand Sarup, a dynamic personality, a true Congress party worker who sincerely dedicated his life to the service of the society was born at Barnala in Pandit Sarav Dyal family in 1917. He commenced his career by joining the police department facing the challenges of this profession courageously. However, his dream to serve the society could not be accomplished in the police force. Therefore, he bade goodbye to this job. To realize his goal to be the kin of the masses, he remained an active member of the Municipal Committee for nine years consecutively and contributed enormously in bringing about constructive changes in the city of Barnala. He also remained the President of the Truck Union. Besides being a philanthropist and a leading member of S.D. Sabha, his contribution in the field of education was praiseworthy. Being General Secretary of the Managing Committee of S.D. College, Barnala, he worked meticulously for the systematic development and growth of the institution. Along with the founder President Dr. Raghubir Parkash and Sh. Darbari Lal Tandon, he parented the college inimitably with his care and support. It was his cherished dream that the students of this region should become better human beings to lead the society on the progressive path. But this adorable spirit left us to his heavenly abode on 19th January 1987. Salute to this mighty spirit!