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Welcome to the E-content section of S.D. College of Education, Barnala! We are pleased to announce that our faculty members have developed E-content for the teacher trainees of B.Ed Semester-I, in accordance with the guidelines set by UGC, NCTE and NCERT. This E-content has been curated by consulting various books, journals and internet sources related to the subjects, ensuring it complies with the B.Ed syllabus of Punjabi University, Patiala. The E-content serves as a comprehensive reference material covering the syllabus for B.Ed Semester-I subjects taught at our college. It has been meticulously compiled to meet the needs and requirements of our B.Ed students, providing them with valuable insights and resources. Students can also refer to additional source and reference books to gain further information on the specific topics. To access the E-content for each subject, please click on the respective links provided below. We encourage our students to make the most of this resource to supplement their learning and enhance their understanding of the subjects. Thank you for choosing S.D. College of Education, Barnala, where we strive to provide quality education and support to our aspiring teachers.

1. Philosophical Perspective in Education

2. Psychological Perspective in Education

3. Teaching Learning Process

4. Teaching of Science

5. Teaching of Mathematics

6. Teaching of Computer Science

7. Teaching of Commerce

8. Teaching of Social Studies

9. Teaching of English

10. Teaching of Punjabi

11. Teaching of Hindi

12. Library Resources and Art in Education

13. Experiential Learning

14. Inspirational E-Books