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The institute has well-furnished lecture halls, seminar hall, and well-equipped labs in the following departments :


  • A special feature of the Institute is the Department of Pharmaceutics, which has been created with a view to directly interact with industry. It is equipped with state of the art facilities to undertake research in drug development and delivery. The Pharmaceutics group is mainly involved in pre-formulation studies on candidate drugs, and development of drug delivery systems viz. Conventional and Novel drug delivery system. Industry-academia collaborations will be undertaken for innovative product development research in the areas of biodegradable and biocompatible nanoparticles and microparticles, lipid and surfactant vesicles, transdermal delivery and Hydrogels. Current interests include delivery systems for cancer, infectious diseases, diabetes and hypertension.

  • S.D. College of Pharmacy provides a full picture of research in the area of pharmacognosy with the goal of drug discovery from natural products based on the traditional knowledge or practices. Several plants that have been used as food show their potential as chemopreventive agents and the claims of many medicinal plants used in traditional medicine are now supported by scientific studies. Drug Discovery Research in Pharmacognosy is a promising road map which will help us find medicine for all!

  • The department is engaged in the following areas of research Design and synthesis of new chemical entities/Molecules for various therapeutic areas. Discovery of Natural Products. Methods development using HPLC.

  • Pharmacological studies constitute an essential part of pre-clinical investigations and are designed to find out whether a substance has potential pharmacological activity in organ systems other than the one targeted for therapeutic purposes. The pharmacology programme consists of the following test systems in experimental animals, usually rodent hosts viz. mice, rats, guinea pigs and rabbits, in the following areas: General pharmacology, Neuro- pharmacology, CVS, Endocrinology, Gastro-intestinal tract studies and Anti-allergic studies.