Core Values

Communication, Collaboration and Team Spirit

To inculcate the spirit of team work and foster communication and collaboration in our institutions.

Truth, Love, justice and Peace

To respect and upload the rights and dignity of every human being, to be loving transparent, countable and just in our personal and institutional life and work diligently for peace.

Simplicity of Lifestyle and Dignity of Labour

To instil in the staff and students the value of dignity of labour, simplicityof life and community services.

Respect for Love, Nature, Cultures, Religions and Love for the Nation

To promote love and profund respect for all forms of life, cultures, religions and nature.


To help the students to realise the right and opportunity to develop one's potential as human being.


To motivate the students and teachers to accept or respect the beliefs of practices differing from of conflicting with one's own.


To inculcate in students the willingness to face danger with determination.


To foster the feelings of steadfastness or faithfulness to a person, institution, custom or idea to which one is tied by duty, pledge or a promise.

Respect for Natural Environment

To motivate the students to care for the conservation of land trees, clean airand pure water and of all living inhabitantsof the earth.


To inculcate in the students and teachers the feeling to avoid waste and pollution of natural resources.