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In our Research & Development unit, all the infrastructure and expertise are available to develop a drug right from its concept to market. The very latest techniques and methodologies are employed for developing drugs, delivery systems to combat diseases prevalent among mankind in general and Indian population in particular.

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Awards/Honors/Patents/ Membership/Industrial Experience

Seminar/Conferences attended/Paper (s) presented/ Publication (s)

Supervised/ Supervising M. Pharm. & Ph.D. Student  (s)

Dr. Sanjiv K Mittal, (M.Pharm & Ph.D. from Dr. H.S. Gour University,Sagar M.P. India)       E-Mail-


Terrestrial Plant-Derived Anticancer Agents and Plant

Species Used in Anticancer Research


Member of Pharma bodies: IPGA,IACE,APTI and IPA

10, International & National: 10

M. Pharm.- 10 & Ph.D.- 08

Dr. Vinay  Saini, (M.Pharm & Ph.D. from Dr. H.S. Gour Central University,Sagar M.P. Collaborated with Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow U.P. India)


Pharmaceutics: Novel Drug/Vaccine Delivery Systems: Micro & Nanoparticles, Hydrogels, TDDS, in vitro/in vivo & Stability Studies, TH1 & TH2 type Immune-Responses, Indirect (Ig antibodies) & Sandwich (Cytokine: IFN-¡,IL-2 & TNF-µ) ELISA, LTT, Nitric-Oxide Assay

Vienna Vaccine Stipend Award (2011), Young Scientist award (2010), ICMR-SRF (2009), 60th IPC: Best Research Paper Award (2008), GATE-JRF, Member of APTI, Editor of Journal of AIDS and HIV Research

International:02 & National:03; American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (Volunteer of Abstract Screening Committee-2010-2012 Annual Meeting & Exposition

ProgrammeUSA), Publications- 04  International: in Vaccine,  Journal of Drug Targeting,& International J. of Pharmaceutics

M. Pharm.- 05 & Ph.D.- 01

Mr. Rakesh Kumar Garg,   E-Mail-


Pharmacognosy: Standardization & Biological Screening of  Medicinal Plants & Phyto-constituents

Member of APTI (Vice-President of Punjab Region) and member of IPA

08, Publications- National-06

M. Pharm.- 02

Mrs. Anu Goyal E-mail:

Pharmaceutical Chemistry: Phytochemical and biological evaluation of plants.

Member of APTI


02, Publication- National-01

M. Pharm.- 02

Mrs. Veera Garg

Pharmaceutics: Oral Fast Dispersible formulations, Herbal Formulation, Hydrogel, Nanoparticles.


Member of APTI, GATE-2000:  AIR-12

08, Publication- International:01

M. Pharm.-04

Mr. Suraj Bansal,         E-mail:

Pharmaceutical Chemistry: Synthesis of drug molecules, QSAR & Molecular Modeling

Member of APTI

National-10, Publications- National-04

M. Pharm.-02

Mr. Dhurba Sankar Goswami        E-mail:


Pharmaceutics: Mucoadhesive, Enteric coating, Microspheres                                                             and microcapsules, Floating drug delivery, In Situ Gel

Member of APTI

National-07, Publications-International-01 & National-07

M. Pharm.-04

Mr. Sandeep Kumar Goyal  E-mail:

Pharmacology: Cardiovascular and Neuro-pharmacology

Worked as a Junior Executive (Production) Ind-Swift Ltd, GPAT, Member of APTI

National-24, Publications- International-07 & National-07



Mrs. Gaganjeet Kaur


Pharmacology: Pharmacological modulation of Lipopolysaccharide-mediated hepatotoxicity by various polyphenolic antioxidants.


Best poster prize-2006: International conference on Antioxidant& Free Radical in Health-Nutrition and Radioprotection, GATE-2003, Member of APTI

National-04, Publications-

International-03 in Clinical and Experimental Immunology, Toxicology and BMC Pharmacology



Ms. Bhawna Mittal             



Pharmaceutics: colon specific drug delivery systems (colorectal cancer), Fast disintegrating systems (natural super disintegrators), Trilayer tablets, Microspheres, and Microsponges

Qualified GATE-2003 & 2004 (AIR:187), Industrial Exp-04 months, Member of APTI


M. Pharm.-04

Mr. Rakesh Chawla,


Pharmaceutical Chemistry: Synthesis and biological evaluation of novel Heterocyclic moieties.

Secured Gold Medal in B-Pharm. (2005),J.S.S.Collegeof Pharmacy, Ooty, and Awarded Second prize in dissertation  work by Tamil Nadu Pharmaceutical Welfare Trust.

GATE 2009

Life Membership of APTI & IPGA

17, Publications- National-06, International-04



M. Pharm.-01