Academic Calendar


Opening of the college after Summer Vacation                                             10 July,2017

Admission Schedule                                                                                                       

Admission without late fee                                                                              Till 17 July,2017  

With late fee of Rs. 500 and Principal’s permission                                        18 July to 29 July

With late fee of Rs. 1000 and approval of                                                        01 Aug. to 10 Aug.

Dean College Development Council

With late fee of Rs. 1500 and approval of the Vice- Chancellor                      11 August to 19 August

With late fee of Rs. 2000 and approval of the Vice-Chancellor                       21 August to 31 August

Commencement of the Academic Session                                                      17 July,2017

Mid Semester Test Schedule                                    

Mid Semester Test(Odd Semester)                                                             2nd week of October,2017

Mid Semester Test(Even Semester)                                                            Last week of March,2018

Vacation Schedule                                          

Summer Vacations                                                                              30 May to 08 July, 2017

Autumn Break                                                                                     28 Sept. to 09 Oct.,2017

Winter Break                                                                                       26 Dec., 2017 to 06 Jan.,2018

University Examinations(Semester System)

Odd Semester                                                                                          24 November,2017

Even Semester                                                                                         05 May, 2018 onwards