The campus building has spacious and airy classrooms, well-equipped Laboratories.

Computer labs are Fully Air-conditioned, Wifi internet facility, Interactive Board & Projectors, Network Printers etc.

Biotechnology labs are equipped with Basic Baby Fermenter, Centrifuge, BOD Incubator, Tissue Homogeniser, U.V Transilluminator, Micro Centrifuge, Apparatus for Agarose Gel Electrophoresis & SDS PAGE, Colorimeter, Fluorimeter, Magnetic Stirrer, Microscopes, Refrigerator etc.

Biology labs are equipped with Medical as well as Binocular Microscope, Microtome, B.P. Operators, Stethoscope, Automatic Water bath, Dissection Microscope, Slide Projector etc.

Chemistry labs are equipped with Steam Oven, Conducting Bridge, Polarimeter, Electrical Water Bath, Muffle Furnace, Mechanical Shaker, Galvanometer, M.P. Apparatus etc.

Physics labs are equipped with Multimeter, Anderson Bridge Apparatus, Bending Beam Apparatus, Ballastic Galvanometer, Diode Clipping Apparatus, Newton ring apparatus, Potentiometer, Photo cell characteristics Apparatus,Hygrometer, Fleshing and Quenching Apparatus, Young’s Modulus Apparatus, Zener Diode Voltage Regulator etc.

Well furnished library speaks volumes of its grandeur. Library has plenty of books, Journals, Magazines etc. related to various subjects being taught in the college. There is daily subscription of number of newspapers.

College campus has a big playground having facilities for playing Cricket, Football, Basketball, Netball etc.

Special thrust is being laid on providing quality education to the students along with other related programmes & other co-curricular activities.